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Project Description
This project is an open source Visual Studio 2010 C# WinForms screen mate template. As a Star Trek fan (Trekee) my first screen mate will be starships.

Project Details

Screen mates are free interactive animated entertainments that live on your computer desktop. In the 90’s there were several popular desktop pet for example neko.exe, orange.exe and sheep.exe. The old executable files are not capable with Windows 7 and I wanted to design a generic template for developers to allow the creation of many desktop pets and screen mates.

My first desktop screen mate I created starship USS Excelsior NCC-2000 that will fly around your computer and play Star Trek (“The Next Generation”) sound clips.

Screen Print

Project Credits

The following provided a starship database - (Thank you Bernd Schneider)

The following articles and code samples provided screen animation ideas (Thank you Code Project)


USS Excelsior NX-2000 / NCC-2000 (

Sound Clips

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